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    Rejuvance Training Program For 2016 – 2017

3 to 6 months training, comprising of two seminars.

Seminar 1:

You will receive the most comprehensive and detailed training manuals, with charts and explanatory notes.

         - 4 days course (32 hours);
          - Cost: Aud 1000 / person.

Seminar 2:

Approximately 3 to 6 months later.

          - Revision of the first seminar procedures;
          - Including new moves;
          - Written and practical assessment;
         - Submit 2 written testimonials, with photos before and after, or half face done, or 4 testimonials with client’s phone number mentioned, to be uploaded on the website;
          - 3 days course (24 hours);
          - Cost: Aud 750 / person.

Daily schedule and requirements

The attendance at Rejuvance courses requires for you to have:

         - Short cut nails and neat hands / fingers (after the teacher’s demonstrations you will learn to do the moves practicing on each other and we must make sure we won’t leave marks on our colleagues skin);
          - Comfortable clothing, make up removal, a mirror;
          - Two big towels (one to have on the massage tables for you to lay on and the other to cover you);
          - A notebook to take notes;
          - Good mood!

The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 6 p.m. every day. There will be two coffee breaks (one in the morning and the second in the afternoon), for which we shall provide water, tea, coffee, biscuits, cookies, etc and a lunch break, when everybody should choose on its own where to have lunch.


There are few contra-indications of Rejuvance, so if you are in any of the categories below, please reconsider registering for courses:

          - Serious dermatological disorders (acne, sores, warts, herpes);
          - In cancer patients during chemotherapy;
          - Pregnant women;
          - Severe psychological problems;
          - Sugar Diabetes;
          - Epilepsy;
          - After using Botox or other injectable substances (hyaluronic acid).


   Upon completion of the second seminar, having passed the written and practical examination and presenting the case studies, you will receive a certificate of attendance, which will entitle you to have your name listed on the official web site as accredited practitioner.
  To retain their name on the site, practitioners are required to take a minimum 2 days revision every three years, with an accredited instructor of Rejuvance Pty Ltd, with 20% discount of the current price (2 days revision course cost is 400 Aud/person).
  The courses participation fee is payable either cash at our office in Melbourne, or by bank transfer. In order to secure your participation, a deposit of 200 Aud should be paid at our office. In case of cancellation, participants should announce the office at least three weeks before the course begins; otherwise the deposit is not refundable. The rest of the seminar fee must be paid on the first day of the semin  ar.
The organizer can change the courses dates if needed and will inform the participants in due time (at least one month in advance).

   The above mentioned tariffs are valid for the years 2016 – 2017 only.

   For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us: Contact Rejuvance.

   Rejuvance PTY Ltd. recommends for the clients to have a minimum of six Rejuvance sessions, for optimum results.

   The recommended price / session is 100 Aud.

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