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  The effects of Rejuvance on the physical level are comparable with a facial lifting operation, but without the risks and side effects involved in such a process. It will always have an aesthetic effect, the improvements level depending on the receiver age, state of health, quality of skin, wrinkle lines depth and personal physiology.


  A series of six sessions are recommended, with two-three days in-between, but the results will be visible even after the first session: the superficial wrinkles will disappear and the deep ones will smoothen, the face muscles regain their tonus, the skin will look brighter, fresher. Every session will mainly address, one after another, all the structures involved in the facial expression (conjunctive tissue, face, neck and cleavage muscles) and the improvements will appear constantly and gradually.
  The recommended maintenance sessions (once a month or every two months) will not only preserve the accomplished results, but also enhance them.
  Beside the esthetic results, the Rejuvance technique has also a deep relaxation effect, for the entire body. After a session of about 45 min, we will feel and look like we had a resting sleep for an entire night.

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